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Four Reasons Stainless Steel Often Suits Customized Furnishings Well

Stainless steel is a versatile material that is well suited to hundreds of applications. Commissioning custom stainless steel furnishings or accessories frequently proves to be the best way to outfit a commercial or industrial facility. Companies like Aero Manufacturing make it easy to leverage the strengths of stainless steel in ways that suit particular clients perfectly.

A Metal That Excels in Many Respects

In its various forms, stainless steel stands out for a variety of reasons. In particular, various alloys of steel that incorporate additives like carbon and chromium regularly excel with regard to desirable traits like:
Strength. Iron is a fairly strong metal in its own right, but it can be made far more so when turned into steel. Adding carbon to raw, elemental iron and putting the mixture through a carefully controlled process involving heat produces the most basic types of steel. All of these are quite strong compared to plain iron, and alloys can be adjusted in various ways to endow them with even more performance of particular kinds.

Corrosion resistance. Elemental iron corrodes easily when exposed to moisture and oxygen, with the characteristic rust-red of iron oxide signaling that the process is underway. Likewise do the simplest alloys of steel corrode with little encouragement, ruling them out in many situations. Fortunately, adding even a small amount of chromium or other ingredients to steel will allow it to resist corrosion. In many cases, a client who turns to a steel fabricator will specify such an alloy for precisely this reason.

Ductility. Some types of metal are brittle and cannot be drawn out into extended shapes easily or at all. Stainless steel retains a fair amount of the ductility that sometimes recommends iron or other types of steel alloys for particular applications. While stainless steel will rarely be chosen specifically for this reason, combining a certain degree of ductility with other desirable features frequently makes it the best choice for a specific application.

Ease of cleaning. The slick surface typical of finished stainless steel does more than resist corrosion, it also makes objects made from the material especially easy to clean and disinfect. This helps make stainless steel a top choice for environments where contamination is a major concern.

Many Ways to Put Stainless Steel to Good Use

In addition to being inherently appealing in many ways, stainless steel is also fairly easy to work into a wide variety of final products. Experts at steel fabrication regularly help their clients make the most of this truly versatile material.